Key Issues


Solutions, Not Stalemate

My education and experience in life has taught me to stand up for what is right, but to also comprise and solve problems.  Most of our elected officials are bought and paid for by special interest groups before they ever show up in Topeka.  I, am not.


The mismanagement of the state budget has unfortunately affected our most precious and valuable resource, our children.  Education is the backbone of a well informed, civilized society.  We must figure out a way to fund our K-12 programs properly or we may lose a generation of students, as well as a generation of teachers.  As a State Senator, I will propose intelligent legislation that creates a mutually beneficial balance between funding and spending.

Policy Prescription:  Remove the block grant and create a new finance formula that is similar to the one used before the block grant.  Additionally, I will vote to constitutionally fund education, and stop pitting our local school boards and administrators against teachers.


Thoughtful, rational processes need to be brought to the table by our legislators to get our state out of the mess it is in.  Tough choices will need to be made in order to keep our credit rating from being downgraded further.  After we get out of the current deficit, we will need to closely monitor our spending to ensure that this does not happen again.

Policy Prescription: Due to the current state issues we have very low spending capabilities.  I would push for a fair and balanced budget that does not look to the government to create jobs, but looks for the government to provide the services that should be public, NOT private.

Small Businesses

The repercussions of HB 2117 and HB 2059 have been drastic to the Kansas economy.  The governor cut the income taxes and taxes for small business without cutting any spending to account for these cuts.  In a perfect world we could keep the current tax plan in place to benefit small businesses, however, we have to be able to fund projects and services that ALL Kansan’s enjoy.  Whether it’s driving on the turnpike to Topeka, or funding Parents as Teachers programs in our public schools, we are all in this together and we must put our selfish motives aside and make decisions that benefit all Kansan’s.

Policy Prescription: Roll back the income tax cuts and loopholes from 2012 and start fresh again.  I will advocate for a program that provides tax incentive for companies that actually grow, hire Kansas college graduates, and individuals off of unemployment.

Additional Important Issues:

Respecting agriculture and hunting in our state.  Expanding KanCare, Medicinal marijuana for patients with seizures and veterans with PTSD, campaign finance reform and term limits.

Accountability of Elected Officials

I am calling on all Kansas voters to invest a few hours of their time this election year and look how your house and senate legislators voted on the issues.  At what point do we question the competence of the individuals in elected office?  Go to the following website and click on your district to find how your State Senator voted.

Senator Voting Records



Photo Credit: Shaina Pearce Photography