I am looking forward to meeting anyone and everyone that is willing to set aside party labels in order to find solutions to the problems in our great state.  During an overseas deployment to Afghanistan I learned that it doesn’t matter what your ethnicity, gender, age, or economic status is; what matters is your willingness to listen to people’s concerns and solve them together.  I cannot wait to see you all out on the campaign trail!



          Ben thinks that the political world, as well as the government, are sometimes not transparent enough for citizens to have confidence in them.  Therefore, he has chosen to share many intimate details of his life with his constituents.  Please explore the website, as well as the documents below, in order to learn more about Ben and the values he can bring to the 26th District of Kansas.

           Education & Biography

           2003 – Goddard High School graduate

2007-2012 – U.S. Army paratrooper and non-commissioned officer in the 82nd Airborne Division

            2015 – Bachelors Degree, Geography and History, Wichita State University

            2016 – 27 hours completed of Global Master’s of Business Administration (G.M.B.A.), Friends


          Redacted Documents

           Military Record

           Non-Commisioned Officer Evaluation 1

           Non-Commisioned Officer Evaluation 2

          Graduate School Transcripts